Established in 1989

Our Founder, Robert B. Jones

Our Founder, Robert B. Jones

Seattle in the Wild West days of the Studio Glass Movement when both tools and materials were hard to get.  Greg Powel would carve blocks with a mallet and gouge between blows and artists would wait patiently for weeks for a block from Thermal Zoo. 

Robert Jones found a better way to produce the blocks and got Greg Powel's blessing to make the blocks.  He built a wood shop in his barn on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington.  Demand was so great, he found himself working 16 hour days in the freezing winter.  Rob said to himself, "I must really be a blockhead to do this".  With that, Blockhead Tools was born.

With time, Rob wanted to get back to his roots blowing glass.  He had moved his wood shop to the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle and there he met Greg Allen in 1997.  

Greg's background was in woodworking and design.  He spent years restoring historic buildings on the East Coast, then more years as a luthier in Seattle, building hammered dulcimers and folk harps.  Rob taught Greg how to blow glass and sold Blockhead Tools to him in 1998 and they have been friends ever since.  Greg brought his knowledge of production woodworking and CAD design to build the company we know today.  Greg and his team are constantly bringing improvements to the tools in collaboration with the community of glass blowers.