Wood Molds

The Way Wood Works

Wood molds must be made of fresh green stock, and only certain breeds will work.

When the hot glass touches the wet wood, it forms a cushion of steam inside the mold.  The glass rides on the steam, producing a smooth finish and will not cause chill marks.  Vents provide a release for the excess steam and greater control of the form.

Depending on one’s tolerances, a wood mold lasts an average of 300 pieces.

Many artists will try their designs out in wood to perfect them and then graduate to graphite.




Highest Quality Materials

As craftspeople ourselves, we understand that you never skimp on your tools.  That's why we use only the highest quality materials in the ones we make for you. 

  • Hinges: Stainless Steel

  • Handle Bolts: Stainless Steel

  • Washers and Wingnuts: Stainless Steel

  • Jack Lines: Stainless Steel

  • Feet: Brass

  • Lifting Handles: Aluminum

Graphite Molds

Altered Carbon

Graphite has the virtues of high detail and longevity.  A graphite mold can produce many thousands of pieces.  Cork may be applied to simulate the steam of the wood in rotational molds.  They must be re-corked every 300 pieces or so.  We will provide cork dust and instructions for this.

In cases where a piece can't be turned in a mold, graphite is often the best option.  These molds are not corked and are made of fine particle graphite.