Blockhead Tools


Accept No Substitutes


Custom Blow Molds
Glass Blowers Win

Whether you want speed or precision, a Blockhead Mold will suit your needs. 

Blockhead Blocks
All the Forms

Set yourself up right with a Blockhead Block.  Many styles available and Custom blocks, too!

Blockhead Tools
Burning on Glass

Never name your company with a prepositional phrase.  Instead call yourself an idiot.  Here's what some others have to say...



When you're using a Blockhead Mold, you're in league with the best.



One big reason to use a mold is repeatable accuracy.  A series of anything looks better matching up in a row and for something like a lamp in a fitter, it's essential.



The best works combine form and color.  Let your heart soar with a foundation of tools you can depend on.


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